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Welcome to the The Plant Production laboratory of the Department of Food Science & Technology of University of Patras.

Research Activities

Program Director's Message

The Plant Production laboratory established in 2001 and succeeded in a short period of time to develop significant infrastructures and to evolve to an important research center for the Region of Western Greece and the whole of Greek territory. The research activities of the Plant Production Laboratory focus on: a) the study of ecophysical-biochemical mechanism of plant adaptation under abiotic stress conditions and in precision agriculture, b) the measurement and estimation of residues of plant protection substances, c) the identification of the geographical origin of agricultural products and foods. The Plant Production laboratory, acquired considerable research infrastructure and equipment, mainly through participation in a number of competing research programs. This infrastructure and equipment provided to meet the above-mentioned research objectives. Results of this infrastructure exploitation and laboratory staff research effort is a numerous of scientific papers published in greek and foreign scientific journals and the establishing of interdisciplinary collaborations with foreign research institutes.

A. Patakas
Director of laboratory

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